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Bad things to do during a ghost festival

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It is not good to keep a hammer in a bowl

This is a behavior that should be avoided at all times during a ghostly event. Putting a hammer in a eating dish can be like feeding the ghosts, so they can cling to your body and eat.

Do not return home late

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There is a belief that you have to go home early or not late. When the sun goes down, you are told to return early because the spirits and ghosts are strong and happy.

It is not good to keep the front door open

This is not just a festival. It is not good to do that at night or at midnight. During the festival, it is open to invite spirits to come.

Do not dry your clothes at night

It is also believed that you should not dry your clothes at night.

Do not buy or move real estate

Light From An Open Door
Light from an open door

In Myanmar, too, there is an idea that you should not change if you are born, but there are those who believe and those who do not. There is a superstition that you should not make any changes. It is believed that doing so can be an invitation to come with us, and it is a nuisance for existing souls.

If you have to move ..

If you have to move, it is a good idea to bring fresh fruits such as oranges (symbol of success), apples (symbol of security, blessings), watermelon (opportunity), and melons (health) to visit a new home or place. Ask us to bring it.

Do not swim at sunset

The sunset, the old man’s advice. It’s like saying don’t go out at sunset. There is a superstition that you should not swim at sunset. If you do, the spirits that want you to take a seat with them will drag you into the water and drown you. They avoid riding.

Do not kill insects

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It is believed that insects such as butterflies, moths, cockroaches, etc. should not be killed.

Umbrellas should not be left open

It is time for the souls to seek refuge for them, so the umbrellas, especially the red, Black umbrellas should not be left open.

Do not hang decorative accessories

It is believed that the hooks on the doorposts are not good either. Normally, the hooks on the hooks when the wind blows, but they should not be hooked up at the ghost festival.

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