Beautiful cakes that can be mistaken for vases or bouquets

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You may have seen all kinds of cake designs and creations. This time, I would like to show you some unique and beautiful cakes. These cakes are used only for special festive occasions. It was created by Julie Simo, a cake seller.

If you look at her work, you can see that it does not look like a cake. It may be mistaken for a vase or a flower, because she has added some real floral decoration to the cake. In fact, it is a cake decorated with flowers.

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Founder Julie Simon also founded a company called Julie Simon Cakes, which was founded in 2018, and recently left her job to pursue her hobby and return to her hobby. Her choice of pursuing a hobby was the right one.


In an interview, Julie Simon said that she does not follow the trend in cake making and that she does not like the current style of wedding cake.

She herself believes that looks are more important than taste in a wedding cake, but she also adds flavor to her own creations.