A small island town where no cars are used to protect the environment

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Every modern country in the developing world. Almost every city has a large number of motorists. But there is a small town on a small island that has no car users at all. The people of the city do not use cars at all for the sake of the environment. According to Insider, bicycles are often used.

The town is located in the United States. Mackinac is a small island in Michigan. The island is home to just over 500 people and is a small, peaceful town on the island. The uniqueness of this small town is that the people who live in this town do not use cars at all to protect the environment.

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The air in this small town is very clean and very pleasant to live in because the car is not used at all. Instead of cars, locals use horse-drawn carriages and trains. Only vehicles such as bicycles are used for transportation. The video above was taken by a girl named Bailey Janette, a Tiktok user.

“I have been to this island twice this time. I came to work two years ago and stayed here for a long time. At that time, this town was completely crazy. It is a very quiet place. Instead of the sound of cars, the sound of horses and chariots. Cool weather I came back to this town again because of the fresh air, ”Bailey said.