Plan to travel all over Brunei in a matter of hours while having lunch in the air

Annotation 2020 09 08 205r620 (1)
Annotation 2020 09 08 205r620 (1)

Are there people who miss traveling? Just as you want to travel, so do tourism-related businesses that have been shut down by the epidemic and want to resume operations. An airline in Brunei Darussalam has launched a program for people who want to take a leisurely trip when their flights are suspended.

This is a lunch tour of Brunei Darussalam. Here is the whole article via the Star

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Last week, Royal Brunei Airlines pulled out a plan that no airline has made yet, while flights were temporarily suspended. The trip started on August 16. The trip will start at 10 am and will run through Borneo, along the border with Brunei. Mulu Beautiful places like Kota Kinabalu and Labuan. Landmarks such as the Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Bridge can be enjoyed from the upper deck on fine weather days.

Lunch will precede some of Brunei’s most iconic dishes. It takes only 85 minutes per trip.

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The first visit was made by staff from the Ministry of Finance and Economy. The Foreign Minister and his staff and staff from the Cabinet Office were invited to attend.