Convert Unicode to desktop and Zawgyi? How to continue using Unicode?

It has been a decade since Zawgyi tried to convert to Unicode. This is the most successful attempt to make such a change. This success is due to Facebook’s ability to read both Zawgyi and Uni in the Facebook app. It is not wrong to laugh at the urging of the State Counselor.

On Facebook, Unicode conversion is very popular for phones. But I still can’t find a way to change it for desktop. Therefore, offices, Shwe Movies has adopted this method for fear that it will be difficult for offices to convert Unicode. Shared

Can write Unicode on desktop Here’s how to do it easily:⬇⬇

➡If Zawgyi is installed, remove or uninstall it. (Thank you Zaw Gyi for allowing us to use Myanmar language on the internet for more than a decade)

➡You need a keyboard to write Unicode. You need a font to read it. But just download and install the software and both will work. Download and install All in one Pyidaungsu Font . Do not change any settings to make them look like the following: Just click Next.

➡Once installed, there are 5 keyboards for the keyboard: Pyidaungsu MM, Zod Code (Zod Code), my-Win 2.3.0 Unicode 5.2, Myan San (Smart), Zawgyi.
Once installed, you will be able to type both Zawgyi and Unicode with the familiar Zawgyi keyboard. To type Unicode from the five keyboards above, select the Zod Code (Zod Code). To shoot Zawgyi, just select Zawgyi and shoot. Select with keyboard shortcut

Ctrl + Shift
————– A
shortcut used to switch between English and Burmese as before.

Ctrl + Space
—————- You
can select all 5 keyboards. Keymagic even includes up to five keyboards, so you can remove any keyboards you don’t need. Once removed, you do not need to press Ctrl + Space repeatedly to change the keyboard.

We hope that the above methods will be able to use a better Unicode system all over Myanmar.