Microsoft to Support Business Starters in Myanmar with “Highway to a 100 Unicorns” Program

Aiming to strengthen new ventures in Asia-Pacific countries

Microsoft for Startups has launched the Highway to a 100 Unicorns project. The project was a success in India and only 56 companies were selected from six states out of more than 15,000 start-ups for the Emerge X program. Winners of The Emerge X Program: International Marketing Opportunity; World-class entrepreneurs; 3 days meeting with coaches, founder Bootcamp, and finance; Investment; Participation in ongoing mentoring, including guidance in Azure; Man-made AI; You will have the opportunity to learn more about machine learning and ML.

Bangladesh to participate in Emerge X Highway to a 100 Unicorns project Bhutan Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Modi Myanmar, Nepal new Zealand, Philippines Sri Lanka ၊ Thailand Innovators and entrepreneurs from 16 countries, including Vietnam, will be invited to participate in the Emerge X competition in their respective countries. Requirements to be included in Emerge X will be considered as an advantage for business-to-business B2B companies with business profits of at least three or four clients, B2C companies (Business-to-Customer) with an average of over 100,000 customers, and existing investors.

All Emerge X contestants will receive not only business and technical workshops, but also free access to GitHub and Azure, with three nominees from each country, announced next November. The three nominees will be eligible to attend the Founder Bootcamp for more than three days. An annual mentorship program that discusses technical and business details; You will also have the opportunity to find business partners through Microsoft’s unique co-sell program, as well as meet Microsoft experts and professionals firmly established in the same field. To enter the Emerge X competition, you need to register at the GrowthEnabler website at The deadline for registration is October 31. For more information about the competition, visit [email protected] You will be able to connect to