Inventions that prove that Japan is living with the latest technology

When someone thinks of a strange invention, Japan often does what it has done in the past. The food at the shops, which are run by machines, robots and staff, is unexpectedly delicious and is a reflection of their country’s future environment, and we are a thing of the past.

1. Wear stickers to protect your bike from theft.

2. I’m going to eat the wrong phone cover for dinner.

3. Fire trucks in Japan have a small firefighting robot called Tokustsu.

4. The headless cat robot called Qoobo is also a favorite pet of Japanese people.

5. Advanced car parks designed for parking in Japan.

6. For the Japanese, there is no problem if you have to go through a dormitory for highways.

7. This emotionally responsive robot is another option for kids besides smartphones.

8. This capsule compartment is very useful for busy mothers.

9. The real-life machine in Japan from the Iron Man movie.

10. Osaga is a very special city.

11. A new shoe design invented in Japan.

12. A hotel in Japan that welcomes Velociraptor dinosaurs.

13. A pillow that looks like a gorilla hug.

14. Public toilets in Japan are made of glass and look like a normal door if you have a toilet inside.

15. The fountain in the middle of the street is a technology designed to prevent snow from accumulating on the streets.

16. Carrying equipment that can carry items up the stairs.

17. A bathroom design that looks like a library

18. Book design that is designed to relieve headaches when you are too tired to study and fall asleep.

Even if you don’t have glasses, you can still watch your teeth cleaning on your phone.

It was a Japanese juice robot in the 20th century. The Japanese have been waiting for the future for a long time.