Human jobs that rob robots of the future

In 2027, we will no longer see humans driving.

By 2053, robotic doctors will be able to perform difficult tasks, such as surgery. Researchers at the University of Oxford and Yale have found that artificial intelligence technology can rob people of their jobs year after year. It turns out that in the next 50 years, robots will take over many human jobs.

They asked 352 artificial intelligence researchers about their views on the human work that robots will rob each year. Katja Grace, who led the research, and her teammates found that in the next 10 years, robots will replace mechanical work.

In the next few years, robots will become skilled at folding clothes. Even now, there are folding machines. By 2024, robots will have better translation skills than humans. By 2026, robots will be able to write high school student essays, and by the end of that year, they will be able to write the top 40 pop songs. By 2036, robots will be able to work as sales staff.

Robots will have a long way to go to do more complex and creative tasks, such as writing and advanced arithmetic. Researchers say that by 2051, artificial intelligence will be able to do all the work of humans. By 2136, robots will take over all human jobs.

“The rise of artificial intelligence technology is affecting health, Science Business; Military; Transforming transportation will support modern living. Based on these results, researchers and policymakers will be able to manage the trends in artificial intelligence. “Researchers have written: