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14 Things you should know about photography


This week, here are some basic tips for photography enthusiasts. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to filming every day. These are the points.

(1) Camera Setting addresses votes Reset stake. This is sometimes the case when you accidentally shoot without looking back at the settings you first set. I uploaded a lot of ISOs. RAW – JPEG is incorrect.

(2) Just Memory Card addresses Format link. Do not just erase. Format Card One entire Data addresses Khalaf It has driven from the oath Rewrite has to stake. Erase does not erase what you cannot see.

(3) Just Firmware Update 4. Firmware updates for each camera model are provided by the respective brands. To keep an eye on these things. Update the firmware addresses Camera Function.

(4) Battery addresses vote Charge 4. Battery Charge must be checked before shooting. If you shoot for a long time, you should bring an extra battery.

(5) Just RAW – Jpeg Setting 4. I will do retouching after shooting. Manipulation Raw 4 your Raw File File Size substantive Pi 0 4 processing. Jpeg Turks Camera has Processing idea 4 High Frame rate 4 0 manna IFV IFV 0 has. Ideally, if Speed is not important, you can choose Raw + Jpeg.

(6) Always test your camera. What other functions do you not know about? Even the sensor dynamic range of this camera can be tested. Addresses actual physical Lens 5 Aperture where has Sharp fast. What is the ISO limit of your camera? Him no matter tools master.

(7) Don’t buy a cheap tripod. Tripods are expensive and have something to do with it. Tripod addresses where has. It will not last long. Choose a tripod that will last a long time and is comfortable for you.

(8) Addresses Camera addresses votes transistor. Sometimes I have a camera. Lens included. Includes a tripod. If the tripod base plate is left, nothing can be done. So always check. These little things can make you do nothing.

(9) Depending on your camera, the viewfinder you are viewing may not be a 100 % cover image. To find out, look at the LCD after each shot. For one thing, you can crop as much as this Aera.

(10) To type more than you need. Sometimes you think you are good at taking a picture, but sometimes something happens on your computer. This is especially true when shooting in groups. When one is comfortable, the other is uncomfortable.

(11) Make the histogram readable. DSLR LCDs may not display the correct brightness depending on the environment and your screen brightness. So you have to be able to read this histogram. The histogram will tell you if your image is Over or Under.

(13) If you want to shoot Black & White, shoot RAW and BnW when the post arrives. Then you will have a lot to fix. Black & White addresses Red Green Blue sight subsection than Retouch has. Already aiming for Black & White.

(14) Flash addresses Off Camera. Flash Location addresses have Light & Shadow address shape 4 has. Try your portrait photography again with Wireless Trigger and Softbox.

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